What is the utility of a terminal strip?

The terminal strip is a device that has the main role of enabling the connection of the panel’s internal and external peripherals. Which means, the strip is basically responsible for doing all the interconnection between the equipment and the central panel.

Sometimes, because of the distance or the access difficulty, the wires still need to go through junction boxes. When it happens, the terminal strips are installed in these boxes. But, do you know the objective of using the strips or even what terminal strips are?

Why use the terminal strip?

The terminal strip makes the installation and connection of switchboards easier. In a practical manner, it can be said that it organizes the wiring and ensure the mechanical and electrical safety of the panel. It also helps in the maintenance of machines, which enables the easier discovery of potential malfunction in equipment and wires connected outside the switchboard.

In addition, the terminal strip eases the entire process of connection and disconnection of wires and of measurements, of the tension and current, as well as of the resistance.

But what is a terminal?

In order to understand what the terminal strip is, it’s important to understand what Is a terminal. The so-called terminal or junction connector is a device that works as a wire connector. Which means, it works in a safe manner as a connection point between wires or plugs and the devices. By avoiding the need of an amendment of electric wires, the terminal also distributes energy within the switchboard in which it was installed.
The terminals need to be regularly checked. In a constant manner, it should also have a retightening done, especially if they are located in panels where machines subject to vibration are connected. Their varied colors ease their identification.

Advantages of the terminal strip

There are many types of connectors in the market, but the terminals are the most used ones. Along with the strip, they have some advantages:

  • Lower cost;
  • Optimization of panel space;
  • Keeps wiring organized;
  • Reduces installation costs;
  • Easy assembly and maintenance;
  • Ensures devices protection.

This was our explanation about the terminal and the utility of a terminal strip. Follow the news in our blog. There we address the importance of a safe industrial electrical installation and the use of quality materials, such as junction boxes, cable-glands and corrugated electroducts check it out!


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