What is the solar power system?

Currently, the solar energy system is increasingly becoming a common alternative for homes and businesses. This is because it has some benefits, being one of the main dispensing with the use of conventional electric, which harms the environment and ends up getting more expensive for the consumer.

The investment in a solar energy capture system can then be done in order to reduce part of the expenses. For businesses, this also means being able to increase they revenue.

How does the solar power system work?

The sun is a very important source of renewable energy. Making use of it to generate electricity is one of the ways to contribute to the protection of the environment. The system that captures solar energy to transform it into electrical and thermal, is called photovoltaic. This system is basically composed by the solar panel and inverter.

The solar panels must be arranged appropriately on the roof of the property and in its assembly can be used passage boxes. They will be responsible for capturing the sun’s rays. The solar inverter makes the conversion of solar energy into electrical, transforming the continuous current into alternating. This allows electrical appliances such as television and computers to work.

The power comes out of the inverter and goes to the light frame, which makes the distribution of it by the property.

What is the process for installing a solar power system?

When the interest in installing a solar power system arises, the property must be evaluated to confirm the feasibility of the installation. You must have minimal infrastructure to install the solar panels.

In addition, the solar power system implementation project must be calculated prior to installation. The costs, however, end up representing a good investment. This is because this system has advantages such as:

  • Better cost-effective;
  • Low maintenance cost;
  • Decrease in the conventional electric light bill;
  • The energy can be accumulated.

Components for solar system installation

The labor must be included in the costs of installing the solar power system, as well as some electronic components. This is the case, for example, of:

  • Connectors;
  • Fuses;
  • Cables;
  • Circuit breakers;
  • Conduits;
  • Screws;
  • Electrical frames;
  • Passage boxes.

The Kraus-Muller passage boxes combine safety and quality, with easy adaptation to your environment and can be used for the installation of the solar panels.

That was our explanation of solar power system. Follow the news on our blog, we address the importance of a safe electrical installation and the use of quality materials such as passage boxes, cable glands and conduits, check!


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