What is the ideal distance between one junction box and another?

Thousands of products and services are standardized worldwide for both quality and safety reasons. And the standardization is carried out in a strict way, even more when it comes to electric energy, such as, for instance, the distance from the junction box.

Junction box: norms and standards

Present in any type of electrical installation, the junction boxes are important for promoting the passage of the wires inside walls, as well as to connect wires to sockets and switches. Some people use the junction boxes to change the direction of the wires within the building or project. Check the rules for the necessary distance between the junction boxes and pay attention to them!

NBR 5410

For more than 79 years active in Brazil, ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards) is an institution created for technical standardizations in the country. It contains the standards that must be observed in any technical project. Therefore, it is essential that, before starting a project, especially if it is an electrical one, the standards are read and correctly followed.

Speaking of standards, NBR 5410 is ABNT’s specific norm that mentions the necessary distance for junction boxes. In it, the specification is very clear: for internal pipes, the distance must be up to 15 meters, and, in external pipes, it must be up to 30 meters, in a straight line. When it comes to curves, the limit of 15 and 30 meters must be reduced by 3 meters for each 90º curve.

After all, where is the use of the junction box mandatory?

Actually, the norms don’t mention meters only; in fact, they are much more comprehensive than that. In the case of junction boxes, there are also paragraphs of the norms that state when the use of the junction box is mandatory, which are the following:

• all of the points where there is an entrance or exit point of conductors;
• any point where there is a mend or derivation of any conductor;
• whenever it is necessary to perform any segmentation in the pipe.

Positioning of the junction boxes

The location of the boxes must be standardized, being mandatory that they are easily accessible. They must have lids, or, if they contain switches or sockets, they must be tightly closed, with the installation complete.
Following the norms for a matter of safety
Following the technical norms is essential for the project to be safe and in compliance with the laws. Therefore, the inspection is smoothly carried out, and also repairs and fixes can be performed more easily!

Quality and safety in electrical installations

Kraus-Muller has a complete line for safe and high-quality electrical installations. The company’s products are the perfect solution for installations that require resilience. That was our explanation on the command panel in electrical projects. Follow the news in our blog, because, in it, we address the importance of a safe industrial installation and the use of high-quality materials such as junction boxes, cable glands and conduits. Check this out!


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