What is the CE seal’s importance?

“CE” is a French acronym for Conformité Européenne, which means European Conformity, and some products must mandatorily have this seal.

What are the main requirements?

There are a few mandatory requirements for an item to be taken to market. They assure the consumer that the product presents an elevated protection level. Such requirements may be requested according to the associated possibilities, such as inflammability, electrical properties, physical resistance, hygiene, radioactivity, among others. The combination of these risks makes several simultaneous directives applicable to the same product.

What does it mean to have the CE seal?

These two letters ensure that the products meet the requirements expressed in the directives and that they have been analyzed by an evaluation body. It means they fulfill minimum requirements established by the European Union for manufactured products.

For the consumer, in addition of being the indication of conformity with minimum standards, the certification also determines a minimum quality level for a product in relation to health, safety and environment.

This was our explanation about the importance of the CE seal. Follow the news in our blog. There we address the importance of a safe industrial electrical installation and the use of quality materials, such as junction boxes, cable-glands and conduits. Check it out!


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