What is an electrical substation?

The entire process energy-related in Brazil is still unknown to many people. For example, half of the energy produced in our country is consumed by companies. Given this scenario of high electric consumption, it is important that your business invest in measures to optimize energy expenditure. In addition to possessing quality electrical materials, such as the cable glands, it is indicated to have an electrical substation in your industry.

Importance of electrical substation in industries

Before explaining why the substation is a great option for your industry, we should remember how electricity is produced and distributed. Created in hydroelectric, thermoelectric, nuclear, wind power and photovoltaic plants, among others, the energy leaves the plant for a transmission substation, directly to a transformer. In the transformer, it reaches higher voltage levels and can be transmitted over long distances. After that, the electricity goes to the cities through a high voltage network.

Closer to the cities, there are lowering substations responsible for reducing the voltage level. In this way, energy is directed towards the industry. However, the voltage often used in this distribution network is not yet appropriate for industrial consumption. Therefore, if the company has an electrical substation, it can change the voltage relating to the need of the equipment.

What is an electrical substation

The electrical substation is responsible for transforming, protecting, controlling and maneuvering the electric energy received. Consumers served in medium voltage (from 1.0 KV to 36.2 KV), for example, require an electrical substation. That is: with it, you convert the electrical energy to ideal levels for the operation of the machinery, avoiding losses and damages in your business.

To start your project it is crucial to keep in mind that substations are classified in the following ways:

  • As for function;
  • As for the voltage level;
  • Regarding the type of installation;
  • Regarding the installed power;
  • Preventive maintenance in electrical substation.

It is essential that the substation be included in preventive maintenance planning to ensure the continuity and quality of energy supply.

This service must be performed annually, following the requirements of the Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomy (Conselho Regional de Engenharia e Agronomia – CREA).

Ensure sealing in your electrical installation with the cable glands

For an efficient and safe electrical design, it is important to invest in quality materials such as Kraus-Muller cable glands. We have been working in the electrical materials market for 20 years, developing solutions for the main challenges of electrical installations.

All products from our catalog and their raw materials go through careful tests in laboratories, in order to guarantee the quality of each item sold.

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