Preventive electrical maintenance of in buildings

To keep the electrical project of a large construction such as a building or a hospital up to date is essential to maintain the safety, both for people who live there, as well as for people on the surroundings. The electrical maintenance of buildings aims to verify if everything is in order, such as if the amount of cable glands is correct, if the cables are worn out, if there are overload problems, if the circuit breakers are disarming too frequently, among others.

Preventive maintenance in buildings and cable glands

As an important part of the building’s installation, and important in the prevention of problems, cable glands are very present in the electrical maintenance area, and are used to properly fixate the cables, in addition to avoid loss of energy and contact with water and dust. In addition to the use of cable glands, there are other problem prevention measures. To understand why the electrical maintenance in buildings is essential is the first step to keep everything in order. Take a look!

Electricity and resources savings

To be able to count on a program of electrical preventive maintenance of a building ensures that the electrical systems of the place are assessed frequently enough and generate true electricity and resources savings.Electricity savings will occur because, if there are any problems, they may be identified as soon as they emerge, then avoiding waste or loss of energy. And, by noticing problems as soon as they start to happen, resources will also be saved, since there will be no need for large repairs and the building will not face loss of electricity.

Trust in the electrical system

An electrical system with proper maintenance will most likely not face loss of electricity, overload, pauses, short circuit, and neither will pause the operation of machines and systems, for example. Thus, the preventive electrical maintenance is very important so the client may trust his or her electrical system, knowing that it will not cease to work at any moment, especially important ones.

Safety and well-being

No matter if it is an employee, a manager or any other person that is regularly inside the building, to be safe and to have well-being is very important and essential to keep the integrity of the team and to maintain the organization. To have up-to-date maintenance and frequent visitors certain that they are safe is fundamental!

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