Predial Electrical Installation: Risks and Dangers

The predial electrical installation is a fundamental part of the construction of a building, because it is responsible for the safety and quality of the electric power that will be delivered to all of the rooms of the building. However, outdated electrical installations lacking maintenance are a dangerous reality in many buildings, both residential and commercial ones.

IN a house, the electrical installation can be very complex. Imagine the electrical installation of a building then. If it does not comply with the safety norms and is misdimensioned, the predial electrical installation presents risks of electric shocks and even fires.

Predial electrical installation: how does it work?

The electrical power goes through kilometers between the hydroelectrical plant and the outlets in a room, passing through stations, substations, distribution posts and others, until it reaches each consuming unit, where it is controlled by a clock that marks the consumption and that can be turned off by a main switch.

Since the electrical power is distributed according to the need of each room, the rooms with a higher level of demand receive more potent cables. In buildings, there is still the distribution of the electrical power to each apartment.

The predial electrical installation covers the physical implementation of the components and the connection between the generating source and the electrical loads. Therefore, several equipment and elements are used in order to distribute the electrical power. Generally speaking, there are the conductors, lighting points, switches and outlet points. Each one of these components has specific norms that are adopted in order to avoid accidents and increase the service life of the electrical installation.

General care with the predial electrical installation

A small amount of the total value of a work must be invested into the electrical network. Therefore, sometimes, in the attempt to save some money, one puts the electrical installation at risk. Avoid this problem and save some money with other items. When dealing with electricity, it is necessary to acquire products that offer better performance, higher service life and also more safety.

In order to ensure not only efficiency, but also the safety of the predial electrical installation, before anything else, it is necessary to count on the following:

Capacitated professionals

The electrical network is a serious matter that does not come down to simple actions only, such as turning on a bulb or a domestic appliance. Therefore, it is important to count on qualified professionals. They must have technical know-how and be up-to-date with the safety norms required by a predial electrical installation.

Hiring capacitated and experienced professionals is fundamental for the project to work out and be safe.

Quality materials

The materials used in a predial electrical installation must be according to the specifications and technical needs. In order to ensure the success of the project then, these materials must be quality ones and have good durability. An electrical network with precarious tools and equipment can cause several problems, thus generating extra expenses, rework and risks for the safety of everyone.

The list of the materials needed varies according to each predial installation project, however, some of them are essential:

  • Lighting and bulbs;
  • Outlets;
  • Switches;
  • Tubes and connections;
  • Boxes and charts;
  • Wires and cables.
  • Metallic cable glands

Having been operating in the market for more than 20 years, Kraus-Muller have been conquering the public with the quality and functionality of its products. With an enhanced technology, the company presents an exclusive line of products, which meet the most rigid standards of quality, for application in the segments of electrical installations, such as the metallic cable glands and many others.

Risks of a predial electrical installation

Every electrical installation is susceptible to failures. However, accidents in an installation can and must be avoided.

An old predial electrical installation, which has not been well planned and/or that does not undergo a periodic maintenance faces the imminent risk of short-circuit, explosion and even fires. In addition to these most serious problems, there is still the risk of blackouts, which causes losses to those living in the building.

Both the analysis of the predial electrical installations and their maintenance is a duty of the condominium manager. He/she or the managing company need to be attentive to some signals that indicate that a professional help must be sought, such as, for instance:

  • Constant failure of electrical power;
  • Crash of circuit breakers,
  • Overheating of outlets;
  • Twinkling light;
  • Smoke;
  • Little shocks.

If an electrical accident is caused due to negligence, both the condominium manager and the condominium itself can be rendered responsible for that.

This was our explanation about the predial electrical installation and its risks. Follow the news on our blog, in which we cover the importance of a safe electrical installation and the use of materials of quality such as water trap boxes, cable glands and conduits. Check it out!


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