Plastic or aluminum junction box?

Essential in any type of electrical construction and project in the design of homes, schools, buildings, hospitals, plants and more, the junction box serves a variety of purposes. Made of aluminum or PVC, this small object can make all the difference if correctly used.

Junction box: which one is the best for my project?

Whether made of plastic or aluminum, having high-quality junction boxes is essential for a good electrical project. Check out in our article which of the two materials is best for your project!

After all, what is a junction box for?

First and foremost, correctly characterizing what a junction box is, as well as identifying its uses is essential to understanding the influence of the material from which they are made in construction. As the name already delivers, this box promotes the passage of cables and wires. Its main utility is to connect wires to sockets or even switches.

With the junction box, it is possible to install a complete wiring, with the possibility of subdividing an installation and changing its direction. They also make it easier to perform wire checks, maintenance and repairs if needed.

Most of these little boxes are made of PVC, which is a type of plastic that prevents the spread of flames and has a standard size of 4×2. If there is a need for longer wire runs, you can choose the 4×4 size.

Plastic junction box

As stated above, the box made of PVC is the most common type and is easily found in stores. As an outstanding feature, it is made with a self-extinguishing thermoplastic material, that is, in case of fire, it will not propagate the flames despite being made of plastic. Another benefit is its double insulation, which allows a higher level of protection, not to mention that plastic is an easy to find and handle material. Unlike what it looks like, the plastic used in the junction box prevents the flames from spreading, since it is made specially for this purpose.

Aluminum junction box

Also, being very sturdy, but harder to become pierced, the aluminum junction box is less common in the market. Even so, it is quite present in the constructions, with several formats available. Some of them even have screws in order to provide higher sealing to the wiring. In terms of quality, both the plastic and aluminum boxes can only be marketed after standardization, testing and analyses. Therefore, both are safe.

What is the best box?

Because it is safer, since it has double insulation and is made of a material that is more present in the market, the plastic box ends up being the best choice, which does not mean that boxes made of other materials are less efficient.

Count on the Kraus-Muller junction boxes

All of the products in our catalog and their raw materials undergo rigorous laboratory testing in order to ensure the smoothness and quality of each item traded. This was our explanation of the plastic and aluminum junction boxes.

Follow the news in our blog, because, in it, we address the importance of a safe industrial installation and the use of high-quality materials such as junction boxes, cable glands and conduits. Check this out!

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