Metric Threaded Cable Gland

The Metric Threaded Metal Cable Gland or Metric ISO is indicated for more robust connections due to the depth of the wires used, allowing more security in cases of vibration or pressure.

Metallic Threaded Cable Gland Model

This thread model is parallel and has this name by because of its actual outside diameter. In the case of cable glands, this is the diameter C (check the table below).

The Metric Thread is identified with a capital M and there are three types of thread pitch: thick, fine or fine. In the case of the Kraus-Muller Line, they are thin. This means that the thread pitch is 1.5 mm.

The metallic line has superior mechanical resistance to plastic cable glands.

General information:

  • Material: nickel-plated brass, PA 5 and injectable rubber;
  • Standard: DIN 46320 – EN 50262;
  • Protection : IP 68
  • Operating Temperature: -40ºC to 100ºC and 150º C for a short period of time.
  • The Metric Threaded Cable Gland is suitable for threaded or through holes.

To guarantee the sealing in your electrical installation, count on the Kraus-Muller Line !

04350M 8X1,085,52 – 4,512
04351M 10X1,01062 – 514
04352M 12X1,51263 – 6,514
04353M 14X1,51464 – 714
04354M 16X1,51664 – 818
04355M 18X1,51865 – 1020
04356M 20X1,52076 – 1222
04357M 22X1,522710 – 1424
04358M 24X1,524712 – 1424
04359M 25X1,525714 – 1830
M 25X1,5 SMALL25710 – 1424


Request your budget and have in your industrial electrical installation the best products on the market with quality, sustainability and that meet international standards.


Download and check out the complete catalog of the innovative Kraus-Muller Line.



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Metric Threaded Cable Gland

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