Learn how to organize wires and cables with conduits

Are the cables of your construction organized? Do you know how to keep them organized? These are questions that are usually answered with a “no”, and it is a very common doubt in many locations, no matter if they are commercial or not. Disorganized wires may get out of control, whether because a large quantity of products connected or due to the lack of control over this amount of connected wires. However, the conduit arrived to bring this disorganization to an end.

The conduit in the organization of cables: learn everything about it

Created to bring protection, organization and to be easily installed, everything in an effortless fashion, the conduit exists in several types and it may make the entire difference for the whole construction! To have control over the number of cables, their sizes and fixation is ideal, both to avoid accidents as well as to prevent disorganization and the loss of electricity. Learn more about the ways the conduit may assist in the organization of cables and why it is essential for your construction work:

But what is a conduit? How can it help me?

The conduit is a cylindrical product made out of anti-flame materials such as the special plastic. This material may also be called electroduct and is also known by this name. It is made to have the wires pass inside it, being protected and grouped within the wall.

The conduits are considered to be an important part of the electrical project, because they bring protection and organization above all. With the right use of the conduits, the wires will be grouped in a certain part inside the wall, without appearing and ruining the aesthetics of the place, for example.

How do I use the conduit?

To have the conduit help you in the best way possible, it must be installed correctly, and, for that, a few steps need to be carried out:

  • they must start from the switchboard;
  • every room must be connected though conduits;
  • they must have a diameter that is compatible to the number of cables;
  • they should not have amends; therefore, they must be properly measured;
  • it is necessary to use passage box at each meter.

It is very important to count with conduits at any type of electrical project and has many benefits! Count with this ally in your construction and avoid many problems by keeping the cables organized.

Count with Kraus-Muller

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