Know when to use the conduit

The conduit is a plastic tube, which can be flexible or rigid, used in the electrical part of the entire construction, in order to conduct the electrical wiring, as well as to protect conductors against mechanical shocks and other external influences. It works in a simple way, usually being passed inside the wall and easily seen, which facilitates its visibility and even repairs to the wires.

Conduit: learn more about this important item

The conduit is made of an insulating material, that is, it guarantees fire safety and is essential for any type of wiring, together with other products that promote the safety of the project’s electrical installation.

After all, when to use the conduit?

In every construction! That’s right, conduits are essential for all types of constructions. As previously mentioned, conduits are flexible and flameproof plastic tubes, essential for any type of construction. They are indicated for each and every room of the project, where they need to protect all the wiring of the place. With planning and correct installation, these objects render the installation of power cables easier, not to mention that they facilitate processes and prevent incidents.

What to know about the use of conduits in constructions?

Conduits are widely used in several types of constructions, but not always correctly. Check out some information on the use of these important tubes and pay attention to the following:

  • Never mend conduits: even if it is just a splice, or even made with electrical tape or other insulating material, this practice is completely unsafe and not recommended;
  • Curves in the walls: when installing conduits, include the curves of the walls and their size in the footage;
  • Use quality conduits: only conduits of known brands and confirmed quality will actually assist you in your electrical project. Brands with dubious origins and without support for customers should be discarded.

Proven quality conduits

Kraus-Muller has a complete line of conduits that provide safety and quality. Our products are the perfect solution for installations that require resilience. That was our explanation on conduits and their uses.

Follow the news in our blog, because in it we address the importance of a safe industrial installation and the use of high-quality materials such as junction  boxes, cable glands and conduits, check this out!


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