Industrial electrical installation and the importance of passage boxes

Electrical installation for industries is a complicated task, even for specialists in the field. Even if the person responsible for the service knows where the electricity points must be allocated and understand how to correctly use items such as passage boxes; the owner of the property also need to know and be aware of the process, because he or she is the one who will provide the information to the electrician and contractor of the construction job.

These instructions are provided through the floor plant of the electrical project – by the way, that is the reason why the person also needs to get familiar with the symbols that point the installation locations of the light boxes, switches, power outlets and others.

Norms that must be followed and the importance of the passage box

For industries, there are three fundamental norms: the NBR-5410, a norm that defines the conditions for the safe operation of low-tension electrical installations; the NR10, which regulates the safety procedures in electrical installations; and the NR12, which complements the latter and that attests the safety of machines and equipment.

However, only following the recommendations of the norms and count with experienced professionals in electrical installations for industries is not enough to ensure the safety of your project. Therefore, you should invest in quality materials, especially in passage box models, which are ideal for an efficient installation.

Main risks in electrical installations

Accidents with electrical installations may take place anywhere. Usually, it happens due to the lack of information and good judgment from the people involved. In industrial electrical projects, for instance, it is common that they don’t follow the NBR-5410 guidelines, becoming possible to verify installations with under or oversized conduits and not compliant with the color standards.

  • Green for protection conduit;
  • Light blue for neutral conduit;
  • Light blue with green-yellow rings for ground protection conduits or PEN.

If the norms aren’t accurately followed, the main resulting problems are:

  • Risk of electric shocks;
  • Risk of fire in the electrical wiring;
  • Lessening of the useful life of machines and equipment;
  • Burning and incorrect operation of equipment;
  • Sanctions and fines for being uncompliant with safety norms;
  • Non-scheduled interruptions due to accidents or imminent risk of accidents.

Kraus-Muller offers the best options of passage boxes for your electrical project.

For an efficient electrical project, it is important to invest in quality materials, such as the line of passage boxes of Kraus-Muller. We have been working on the electrical material market for the past 20 years, developing solutions for the main challenges facing electrical installations.

All the products in our catalogue and their raw materials undergo severe lab tests in order to ensure the integrity and quality of each item we sell.

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