Industrial electrical conduits: safety first

When developing a project of industrial works, one must not put aside the planning of the electric part. On the contrary, it must be very well thought of and carried out, thus avoiding risks of accidents and ensuring the good operations of the industrial electrical conduits and of the installations as a whole.

Planning the industrial electrical conduits system is extremely important in order to foresee the potency that will be needed to provide energy for all of the rooms. When designing the installation, the standards and regulating norms must be complied with. In addition to this, the size of the gauges of the electroducts must be included and the wires need to pass through inside them.

Industrial electrical conduits: what are the electroducts?

The electroducts are conduits that cover the conduits responsible for protecting the electric wiring of a construction.

In addition to this, the electroducts, which are also referred to as conduits, are fundamental in the safety and operating of the electrical installation.

The planning of the industrial electrical conduits

Many electronic devices are used by the industries; therefore, it is important to foresee enough installations that meet the needs of each room. That is, it is necessary to consider the quantity and positioning of the outlets, for instance, as well as the required potency.

Each type of electroduct has different specifications, in order to assure the safety of the industrial electrical conduits against shocks, fires and pressures. Regardless of the case, the electrical wires and cables need to necessarily be conducted through the conduits, because each conduit is made in order to resist to certain factors. That is, never allow conducing wires to pass through inside other conduits that are not recommended and made for them.

Quality and safety of the industrial electrical conduits

Kraus-Muller has a complete line for electrical installations with safety and quality. The company’s conduits are the perfect solution for installations that require resistance.

This was our explanation on the industrial electrical installation. Follow the news on our blog, in which we cover the importance of a safe electrical installation and the use of materials of quality such as water trap boxes, cable glands and conduits. Check it out!


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