Industrial Automation: why is it so important for the industry nowadays?

The automation of operating tasks has the power to bring about several competitive advantages, such as, for instance, facing competitors and meeting the needs of the purchasing market. The industrial automation, therefore, brings several benefits for all sizes of companies from all sectors of the industry.

What is industrial automation?

More and more the industry has been implementing new technologies for production and maintenance, optimizing the industrial processes, which is carried out through the application of several technologies of software and hardware. This process, which replaces tasks that used to be carried out by humans, is referred to as industrial automation.

The industrial automation has as one of its purposes to provide more autonomy to the equipment and machines, thus diminishing the human efforts and, as a consequence, also diminishing the number of failures in the process. Therefore, with the technological and industrial advancements, the automation has become indispensable for the industries that want to continue to be competitive in the market.

Despite being considered the substitution of the manual tasks by the mechanical tasks, the industrial automation does not mean that the machines steal peoples’ jobs. Even if some jobs cease to exist, others will come. With the advancements and the automation, at least six new functions start to exist every year.

What are the purposes of the industrial automation?

One of the main purposes of the industrial automation is to improve the results achieved by the industries, of course, through more qualified productive processes and with the reduction of costs. In addition to this, other purposes are providing more safety at work, avoiding that the collaborators perform dangerous tasks that might cause accidents, for instance.

Increasing the productive capacity and, therefore, the production, is also another purpose of the industrial automation, as well as simplifying the maintenance process, increasing the efficiency of the processes, decreasing the emission of residues and having more precision in the tasks.

Advantages and benefits of the industrial automation

An automated industry gains in added value, productivity and technology, which contributes to reduce costs, increase the production and be more efficient. Since the industrial automation makes the development of the tasks in a more qualified fashion possible, it becomes a feasible process economically speaking.

The automation is extremely important for the industrial sector. The machines maintain high standards of production and are less susceptible to failures. Besides, the industrial automation makes the processes more flexible and provide more precision and safety in tasks that are considered hazardous and insalubrious.

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