How to identify problems and risks of explosion in the power grid?

Some things should be observed, as they may indicate that something is wrong in an power grid. As is the case, for example, the heating of sockets, energy oscillations and short circuits. Knowing how to identify these problems is vital to keeping people safe and avoiding any more serious situation, such as a power grid explosion or even a fire.

Electrical Explosion: Signs of Trouble

To keep the power grid always safe and avoid an explosion in the power grid, the best way is to perform periodic maintenance. So, if there are any problems it will be possible to fix it before it generates any inconvenience. Among the signs that can be noticed with maintenance, are:

Power outages

Typically, this problem is caused by network overload. That’s because electrical installations only support a certain demand. That is, the system can overload and disarm if it has a very large amount of equipment being used.

Circuit breaker disarm prevents this overload from causing a fire or compromising wiring. In this case, the power outage can be resolved with the exchange of electrical components, so that they will meet a larger flow of current.

Voltage peaks

When there is an instantaneous voltage increase in the mains, the voltage peaks occur. One of the main consequences of this problem is the burning of the equipment that were connected at the time.

If this occurs with a certain frequency, it is necessary to install protective components, therefore avoiding the damage of the devices.

Heated sockets

The heating not only of the cables and wires, but also the sockets mean that there may be an overload in the system. That is, it is indicative that the installation there is inadequate for the devices that are connected.

If this problem occurs, the installation may need to be redone.

Short circuit

One of the most common problems of electrical installation, the short circuit occurs when the amount of current in the system is greater than the conductor can handle. The increase in voltage in the sudden electrical circuit causes this failure.

The short circuit can cause more serious damage because of the instantaneous dissipation of energy, being one of the main causes of fires in electrical installations. The reactions caused by the short circuit may be:

  • Explosion in the electric grid
  • Domestic accidents;
  • Electronic losses;
  • Sparks.

Explosion in power grid in industrial areas

Industrial areas with explosive atmospheres should receive even greater attention, and a plan for both protection and accident prevention is mandatory. Any explosion in the power grid in these environments can not only destroy the patrimony, but also jeopardize the lives of workers. Some of the facilities that have an explosive atmosphere are:

  • Pharmaceutical industry;
  • Petrochemical industry;
  • Agribusiness industry;
  • Alcohol industry;
  • Oil rigs and refineries.

This is because they are environments where an explosion in the power grid can occur because of the gas, steam, fibers or dust that, with oxygen, make the site vulnerable. Both the heating of an equipment and a spark can be a source of ignition and cause the explosion.

Explosion-proof Electrical installation

As with any installation, before the explosion-proof electrical installation, there should be a layout and a consultancy to classify the areas. Only after this, the equipments will be placed in the project following the technical memorial detailed and approved. This method of electrical installation requires much care and knowledge to protect and maintain a specific explosion proof area.

To do this installation, some components can be used, such as the Kraus-Muller EX line of explosion-proof metal cable glands can be used. The metal cable gland protects the electrical installation, avoiding contact with water and dust. Moreover, they are more resistant precisely because they are metallic.

This was our explanation of how to identify problems and risks of explosion in the power grid. Follow the news on our blog, we address the importance of a safe electrical installation and the use of quality materials such as passage boxes, cable glands and conduits, check!


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