How to choose the best Cable-Gland?

Cable-gland | Kraus Muller

The cable-gland is a primary item in an electrical installation protection, and is used for cables fixation, both in the electric panel assembling as well as in the infrastructure part, ensuring the cables fixation.

To choose the best option and prevent it from interfering in the performance of the board in which it will be installed, it’s important to understand a little more about what the cable-gland is and how it works.

What is the Cable-Gland made of?

Basically, the cable-gland is composed of 5 parts:

  • Body: the lower part of the body screw is used to be applied to the equipment
  • Conical Bolt: Tightens the cables
  • Plane Bolt: Tightens the lower screw of the body to the equipment
  • Sealing ring: Seals the lower screw of the body to the equipment.
  • Plug: Seals the cable

When picking a Cable-Gland

It is very important to look out for any requirements related to the protection level, most of electrical installations require a cable-gland that offers protection against dust, which is provided by the IP 68 protection level. It is also important to know the diameter of the cables to identify the cable-gland that will fulfill the need.

This was our explanation about the cable-gland. Follow the news in our blog. There we address the importance of a safe industrial electrical installation and the use of quality materials, such as junction boxes, cable-glands and conduits. Check it out!

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