How to avoid energy theft? Here are some solutions!

Four years in jail is the penalty that can be received by those who practice the theft of electric power. Even so, according to the National Electricity Agency (ANEEL), this crime accounted for the country in 2015 a loss of more than R$8 billion reais per year. The region with the highest rate of irregular consumption, according to the study of the regulatory agency, was in the North, followed by Southeast, Northeast, Midwest and South. For this reason, avoiding energy theft has become an important agenda to be discussed.

Avoiding energy theft: Check out the top solutions

The theft of electric power is when a person makes a clandestine connection to the grid to consume energy. Meanwhile, the fraud is committed by the consumer who violates the measurement system in order to reduce its actual spending on the consumption record.

Although it is a complex challenge, there are some ways to combat the illegality of energy in Brazil. This is important, because some complex problems can happen with the theft of electric power, such as accidents, damage to distribution equipment and other losses.

Among these solutions to avoid the theft of electric power, can be highlighted:

Smart and connected meters

Distributors have increasingly sought to use new technologies in order to avoid both the theft of energy and fraud. Some have invested in the implementation of smart meters and the intersection of data analysis, as is the case of CPFL Energia, which recovered 372 GWh of energy.

These smart meters allow access to technical data on consumption that can be analyzed and crossed with the customer’s profile. When also combined with artificial intelligence platforms, it is possible to check whether or not there is any problem. From the result achieved, an inspection team can conduct an on-site investigation and ascertain whether there is a technical problem or whether the energy measurement is being rigged.

Network shielding

Another way to combat the illegality of energy is the network shielding, which is performed not only on the cables. All equipment and electrical infrastructure can be shielded to minimize and avoid the theft of energy.

The network shielding then protects from vandalism the points of the electrical grid components that are considered fragile. Some anti-theft products can help to shield the network and consequently reduce power theft. These products make it difficult to reach the inside of the cables and also prevent electrical fields and high-frequency signals from going to the circuits close the shielded one.

Kraus-Muller has been operating in the energy protection market for 20 years. Working together with concessionaires and developing solutions for the needs of electric power distributors, it elaborates items that shield the fragile points of the network.

That was our explanation of how to avoid energy power theft. Follow the news on our blog, we address the importance of a safe electrical installation and the use of quality materials such as passage boxes, cable glands and conduits, check!


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