How does CFTV increase your company’s security?

How does CFTV increase your company’s security?

Two of the biggest concerns of people today is the increase in crime and insecurity. In this way, the security cameras are widely used for the patrimonial security not only of residences, but also of companies. That’s because they allow the prevention of robberies and thefts. In this context, there is a great demand for the installation of CCTV cameras, which is closed circuit television.

Efficient CCTV camera installation

CFTV is a system that distributes signals from cameras placed in specific locations. When it comes to the security system, it’s common to have many doubts. Therefore, Kraus-Muller has separated 5 tips for installing CCTV cameras:

Strategic Points

The main points of vulnerability should be raised for the installation of CCTV cameras. This will allow you to know the number of cameras that will be required and where they should be installed. Some strategic points are:

  • Front door;
  • Back door;
  • Other entrances, such as garage;
  • Indoor environments.

After that, you will still need to set where the DVR should be installed. It is no use to have a quality assurance system if, in the event of an occurrence, the DVR is stolen.

Camera types

Some factors such as distance from cameras to objects, location light and where they will be installed influence the choice of camera type. That is, there are CCTV cameras that are directed to the installation in indoor environments, for they do not have protection against rain, for example.

DVR Model

The recording device must also be chosen because it is responsible for managing all cameras, recording, internet connection and monitoring both remotely and locally.

DVR models can support from 4 to 32 channels and the most recommended is to choose a model that has at least one more output than will be required. This is because, even after installation, a new vulnerability point can be found.


The right cabling must be chosen to meet the needs of each property. The distance between CCTV cameras and the DVR system should be calculated to make the decision of which cable to use. Generally, cables with capacity for larger distances are more rigid.

Passage boxes

The passage boxes can be used in the installation of CCTV cameras to assemble, organize and protect the components of the security system. They are designed to give a better finish to the facilities, keeping them safer.

The Kraus-Muller line of passage boxes is marked with the direction of the screw rotation, which facilitates at the time of installation. In addition, they are suitable for any environment according to the model and color requested.

The passage boxes then serve for the installation of CCTV cameras and professionalize the monitoring system.

That was our explanation on CCTV camera installation. Follow the news on our blog, we address the importance of a safe electrical installation and the use of quality materials such as passage boxes, cable glands and conduits, check!

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