How can an electrical installation/maintenance reduce power consumption?

Every installation needs planning and has a useful life: cables, wires, sockets and even bulbs need to be changed when necessary. Revising these electrical components and inserting power-saving products into the project such as the cable glands is essential to have an adequate design free from power surges, waste and extra expenses with constant repairs. The unexpected increase in the power bill can be caused by an electrical project that is faulty or needs maintenance!

Cable glands: learn how to have a reduced consumption installation

Small changes in the junction boxes, cables and electrical installations, as well as careful maintenance and with an established frequency may seem little, but in fact they are great factors to maintain a safe electrical design and without losses of energy and spikes. Find out more!

The importance of a good revision

Just like any other product or appliance, the elements of the electrical installation need to be revised, not least because over the years there have been some changes in the residence, for instance: new appliances and more objects that use electricity, as well as changes in the use of sockets and renovations. With changes like this, the installations need to be revised in order to assess if everything is in order, if the cables are in the right amount, if there are no electrical losses, as well as power surges and overload of the wires that are already there.

Old light bulbs can use more energy than planned, as well as faulty cables can lead to accidents and even short circuits. Maintenance is also essential in order to change aspects that could be better, as well as to insert objects in the construction that will assist in the electrical part, such as a personalized junction box and cable glands!

Why implement the use of cable glands in electrical design?

Cable glands are essential to maintain the safety, organization and resistance of the electrical project. The use of cable glands prevents cables from coming into contact with water or dust.

Cable glands of proven quality

Kraus-Muller has a complete line of cable glands that provide safety and quality. Our products are the perfect solution for installations that require resilience. This was our explanation on energy savings.

Follow the news in our blog, because in it we address the importance of a safe industrial installation and the use of high-quality materials such as junction  boxes, cable glands and conduits, check this out!


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