Get to know the main products for a high-quality electrical installation

In order to have a high-quality electrical installation, you need to have products that are compliant with the norms, reliable and easy to be installed. In addition to this, you need to have the right products in the right quantity, so that everything goes as planned.

High-quality electrical installation: Get to know which are the indispensable products

For the electrical installation to be completed in a safe and easy fashion, it is essential to count on some specific products. Each product has its importance, and some of them provide more protection, while others make things more practical. Gert to know the products!

Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are indispensable devices in electrical installations of any size, since they provide protection against short circuits or even power surges. They possess a rather simple mechanism: they cut off power whenever something goes wrong. By cutting off peaked power, no device is damaged, shorted-circuited, also preventing fire to start in the wiring.

Circuit breakers are separated in various types, sizes, capacities and shapes. There are also new models, with some unique features. Amongst the most commonly used models nowadays are the DIN circuit breakers and NEMA circuit breakers.

Cables and Wires

They are an essential part in order to make everything work! After all, it is the wires and cables that carry the energy in a safe fashion to the environment in reference. Thicker cables can bear higher power and should be used according to the need of the chosen devices. Be very careful when choosing the wires and cables for your electrical installation, because if they are of poor quality or used incorrectly, they might cause accidents and even some kind of short circuit.

Standard Post

The standard post is one of the first electrical materials to buy. This product is mostly made of concrete by companies registered by the power concessionaires. For those who want to save money, they can choose the version made with galvanized steel, which leaves nothing to be desired in terms of both quality and strength.

Passage box:

Passage boxes are very important objects to promote the organization of the electrical installation. They promote wires to meet each other or even with switches and sockets. They organize the wires or cables distribution when one intends to change their direction.

Count on Kraus-Muller

This was our explanation on the main products for a high-quality electrical installation. Follow the news in our blog. In it, we address the importance of a safe industrial wiring and the use of quality materials such as passage boxes, cable glands and corrugated conduits. Check this out!

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