Fixele Terminal (for tubes)

Fixele Terminal (for tubes).

The connector: Fixele Terminal is used to fix with quality, safety and with high mechanical resistance, the conduits of galvanized steel and PVC
(NBR-6140) in metal housings, as well as Thermoplastics (ABS), Noryl and Polycarbonate.

The Fixele Line has been developed to inhibit third party access to the meter’s power cable and, consequently, contribute to combating the loss of power with its interlocking system.

This new system prevents tampering in the connection of the conduit with the box.

  • Material: Nylon (Polyamide PA);
  • Rule: DIN 46320 – EN 50262;
  • Degree of Protection: IP 68 – UV 5 years in black color;
  • Operating Temperature: -40ºC to 100ºC and 150º C for a short period of time.

Sealing: The perfect sealing occurs when the fins located on the Fixele’s body compress a rubber bushing against the conduit, sealing all points of its circumference equally.

Installation: The application of the Fixele Terminal connector makes the work of the professional quicker, since it is not necessary to make threads.

All this, without compromising safety in the quick coupling connection, in addition to reducing the visual pollution of the measuring set.

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Fixele Terminal (for tubes)

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