Complete Network Shield

The KM Line of Full Network Shielding gathers products for electric power distribution concessionaires.

The theft of electricity is part of the reality of most Brazilian cities, which causes losses of billions of reais, increasing each year. For this reason, companies are increasingly concerned with creating strategies to minimize this loss.

Kraus-Muller works together with the concessionaires developing solutions according to the distributors’ needs, elaborating items that shield the weak points of the network, reducing connection fraud, with a highly qualified technical staff to develop anti-theft solutions.

Approved Network Shield

Its products are already approved by the main concessionaires in the country, which facilitates and speeds up the supply. Approved in several States of Brazil, our solutions stand out in some States such as RJ, ES, PA, and CE, reaching a reduction of more than 20% in losses. In an introductory process in MG and MA, among others.

All products developed and raw materials undergo rigorous testing in nationally recognized laboratories, practical field tests and periodic inspections. In this way, the acquisition of a quality solution is guaranteed and brings a positive return to the concessionaire.

To shield your network by reducing losses, count on the Kraus-Muller Line!


Request your budget and have in your industrial electrical installation the best products on the market with quality, sustainability and that meet international standards.


Download and check out the complete catalog of the innovative Kraus-Muller Line.



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Complete Network Shield

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