Clean energy, do you know what it is?

Clean energy is a form of energy production that does not emit polluting agents into the atmosphere and the emissions of which cause as few impacts as possible on nature, as well as on site where the plant is installed.

Clean energy: why is it important?

With many forms of clean energy and collection available, this greener way of producing electricity is becoming more popular. The main feature of the clean energy is the non-carbon production, which does not render the situation of the greenhouse effect worse. Get to know a little more about this form of energy:

After all, what is the definition of clean energy?

Clean energy is a type of energy that does not release, at any time from its production or use, polluting and harmful gases into the nature, gases which are responsible for the greenhouse effect and the global warming. No form of energy has zero environmental impact, but the clean energy is undoubtedly the least harmful form of energy possible.

Another important issue of the clean energy is that its plants are also produced in strategic locations and, when compared to other types of plants, it is also greener since it causes less destruction where it is installed.

What are the types of clean energy?

Unlike some people imagine, there are several clean energy options available. Check this out:

● Solar energy: generated by solar rays;
● Wind energy: generated by the force of the wind;
● Geothermal energy: it comes from the heat of the earth;
● Nuclear energy: generated in nuclear transformation processes;
● Hydraulic energy: it comes from the water currents and waterfalls;
● Biofuels: ethanol (made from sugarcane), biodiesel, biogas and others.

Why is clean energy good?

Both the production and the use of clean energy are essential for the environmental health, as well as to the general population. It does not favor the global warming or the greenhouse effect, nor does it burn fossil fuels, thus generating no polluting gases, much less solid waste. Also, clean energy is a big step towards the sustainable development of the planet.

And how is the situation of the use of clean energy in Brazil nowadays?

Brazil is an exemplary country in terms of the production and use of clean energy! 78% of the country’s energy is hydraulic, which is renewable and clean type of energy. This high number of hydraulic energy use for a country with the continental dimensions like Brazil has a simple explanation: it is easier for Brazil to use this kind of energy, with its rivers that allow the installation of hydroelectric plants.

Count on the Kraus-Muller solutions

This was our explanation of clean energy. Follow the news in our blog, because, in it, we address the importance of a safe industrial installation and the use of high-quality materials such as junction boxes, cable glands and conduits. Check this out!


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