Circuit breaker disarm, how to avoid it?

When it comes to safety in electrical projects, it is nearly impossible to not talk about the circuit breaker. Indispensable at any project, the circuit breaker is highly important because it has the ability of interrupting the electricity when in abnormal conditions. If the circuit breaker starts to disarm frequently, it indicates there is something wrong somewhere in the electrical installation. In these cases, it is essential to investigate the cause in order to keep it from disarming again and to avoid other problems.

Circuit breaker disarm: learn more about it and understand the disarm causes

It is important to investigate carefully, to search for the disarm causes and to execute the proper repairs quickly. These are the main activities that should be performed in order to keep the circuit breaker from disarming again. To keep the electrical grid organized, with its maintenance up-to-date and without malfunctioning is essential to avoid the circuit breaker disarm, as well as other related problems such as short circuit, for instance. Check the causes of circuit breaker disarm and learn how to keep them from happening again:

What causes the disarm of the circuit breaker anyways?

Several factors may lead to circuit breaker disarm, such as: overloaded electrical system, problems with the circuit breaker installation, electrical shower that is incompatible with the electrical installation and wiring problems of the housing facility (in cases where the person lives in a building, there may be a problem in the wire that carries the electricity to all apartments).

How can we avoid these problems?

The overloaded electrical system is the most common one. It is recommended that all products connected to the electricity are removed from the outlets and to rearm the circuit breaker. In addition, in order to keep a new disarm from happening, it is recommended that you do not connect too many devices into only one outlet of high voltage.

When a problem occurs in the circuit breaker installation, it should be verified, tightened or isolated once again. Therefore, it will not present problems again.

In the case of the electrical shower, it is necessary to investigate if the wires of the location have the ideal resistance to support the shower’s voltage. Soon after that, the piece of burnt wire must be removed, and the shower must be reconnected, provided everything is in order.

In the case of a problem in the building’s wiring, it is important to be certain that the problem is not at your apartment, and then the super or the building manager must be notified.


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