Cable glands – their types and uses

Prensa-cabo Rosca NPT

Used in panel assembly or internally in electric infrastructure, cable glands protect cables with excellent workmanship. In this regard, one of their functions is to mount wires in electric boxes or panels, sealing off their access. There are various ...

Junction Boxes, what are their function?

Junction Boxes are a very important item in executing an electric project, used in electric equipment assembly and automation, such as control panels and other types of installation. The boxes help organize the wiring and the components installed inside ...

Fire department requirements for industries

Exigências do corpo de bombeiro para indústrias e a caixa de passagem

There is a lot of bureaucracy behind the operation of an industry. After all, to ensure a safe environment, there are several rules that need to be followed. However, unfortunately, we still see cases of accidents or fires caused ...

Tips for maintenance in industries

Dicas para manutenção em indústrias e as caixas de passagem elétrica

As important as an industrial project, the maintenance of industries is essential to the success of companies in this field. As there are very complex tasks, this maintenance work must be done by duly qualified professionals. In short, the ...

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