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Cable gland – PG Thread

Cable gland – PG Thread

The Cable gland – PG Thread is recommended for environments with low vibration, being a more fragile thread and with a shallow depth of strands
This model was created in Germany and its name is the abbreviation of Stahl-Panzer-Rohr-Gewind. In this way, their sizes are named by the PG prefix.

General information:

  • Material: Nylon (Polyamide PA);
  • Rubber: Thermo-Injection Elastomer;
  • Rule: DIN 46320 – EN 50262;
  • Protection: IP 68 – UV 5 years in black color;
  • Operating Temperature: -40ºC to 100ºC and 150º C for a short period of time.

The Cable gland – PG Thread is indicated for threaded or through hole.

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Código PretoCódigo CinzaRoscasø DOS CABOSA mmBCChave    mm
CURTAKM00064KM00062PG 73,56,520812,4015
KM00072KM00071PG 94822915,1019
KM00080KM00079PG 1151024818,6022
KM00087KM00086PG 13,561226920,5024
KM00095KM00094PG 16914261022,5028
KM00103KM00102PG 211318301128,2033
KM00111KM00110PG 291824381137,0042
KM00119KM00118PG 362232451347,0053
KM00127KM00126PG 423238471354,0060
KM00135KM00134PG 483744471459,3065
LONGAKM00066KM00065PG 736,5201512,4015
KM00074KM00073PG 948221415,1019
KM00029KM00081PG 11510241418,6022
KM00089KM00088PG 13,5612271520,5024
KM00097KM00096PG 161014281522,5028
KM00105KM00104PG 211318301528,2033
KM00113KM00112PG 291825381537,0042
KM00121KM00120PG 362232451847,0053
KM00129KM00128PG 423238471854,0060
KM00137KM00136PG 483744471859,3065


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