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Cable Gland – Metric Thread

Cable Gland – Metric Thread

The Cable Gland – Metric Thread or ISO Metric is indicated for more robust connections because of the depth of the wires used, allowing greater safety in cases of vibration or pressure.
This thread model is parallel and has this name because of its actual outside diameter. In the case of cable glands, this is the diameter C (see table below).

The Metric Thread is identified with a capital M and there are three types of thread pitch: thick, fine or fine. In the case of the Kraus-Muller Line, they are thin. But what does it mean? This means that the pitch of the thread is 1.5mm.

General information

  • Material: Nylon (Polyamide PA);
  • Rubber: Thermo-Injection Elastomer;
  • Rule: DIN 46320 – EN 50262;
  • Protection: IP 68 – UV 5 years in black color;
  • Operating Temperature: 40 ° C to 100 ° C and 150 ° C for short time.

The Cable Gland – Metric Thread is suitable for threaded or through hole.

To help you with your work, count on Kraus-Muller Line!

Código PretoCódigo CinzaRoscasø DOS CABOSA mmBCChave mm
CURTAKM00143KM00142M 12×1,536,520812,0015
KM00151KM00150M 16×1,54822816,0019
KM00159KM00158M 18×1,551024818,0022
KM00167KM00166M 20×1,561225920,0024
*KM00175*KM00174M 22×1,51014281022,0028
KM00183KM00182M 25×1,51318321125,0033
KM00193KM00192M 27×1,51318301127,0033
KM00952KM00951M 32×1,51825381132,0042
KM00201KM00200M 36×1,51825381136,0042
KM00209KM00208M 40×1,52232451340,0053
KM00217KM00216M 50×1,53238471350,0060
KM00225KM00224M 63×1,53744471463,0065
LONGAKM00145KM00144M 12×1,536,5201512,0015
KM00153KM00152M 16×1,548221516,0019
KM00161KM00160M 18×1,5510241518,0022
KM00169KM00168M 20×1,5612271520,0024
KM00177KM00176M 22×1,51014281522,0028
KM00184KM00031M 25×1,51318301525,0033
KM00195KM00194M 27×1,51318301527,0033
KM00956KM00954M 32×1,51825381532,0042
KM00203KM00202M 36×1,51825381536,0042
KM00211KM00210M 40×1,52232451840,0053
KM00219KM00218M 50×1,532384718,550,0060
KM00227KM00226M 63×1,53744471863,0065


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Cable Gland – Metric Thread

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