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Cable gland – BSP Thread

Cable gland – BSP Thread

The Cable gland – BSP Thread is indicated for more robust connections because of the depth of the wires used, allowing greater safety in cases of vibration or pressure.

This type of thread (known as British Standard Pipe or Whitworth Gas) is of English origin and features a parallel shape that withstands the pressure better.

They have a constant diameter between the threads and we can find this measure represented by the letter G in some catalogs. It is important to note that they are described in inches, for example:

  • ¾ – Nominal size;
  • 14 = Pitch (thread wires);
  • BSP = Parallel type;
  • They can be called BSP 3/4 or G 3/4.

General information:

  • Material: Nylon (Polyamide PA);
  • Rubber: Thermo-Injection Elastomer;
  • Rule: DIN 46320 – EN 50262;
  • Protection: IP 68 – UV 5 years in black color;
  • Operating Temperature: – 40 ° C to 100 ° C and 150 ° C for short time.

The Cable gland – BSP Thread is suitable for threaded or through hole.

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Código PretoCódigo CinzaRoscasø DOS CABOSA mmBCChave    mm
CURTAKM00256KM00255BSP 1/43,56,520813,1515
KM00267KM00028BSP 3/84824816,6622
KM00250KM00030BSP 1/261225920,9524
KM00262KM00261BSP 3/41318321126,4433
KM00233KM00232BSP 11824381133,2542
KM00245KM00244BSP 1.1/42232411441,9153
KM00239KM00238BSP 1.1/23237451447,8058
KM00273KM00272BSP 23744471559,6065
KM01010KM02102BSP 2.1/24555492374,7592
KM01013KM02103BSP 35566502487,88110
KM02550BSP 477885524113,03130
LONGAKM00258KM00257BSP 1/43,56,520913,1515
KM00269KM00268BSP 3/8510241516,6622
KM00252KM00251BSP 1/2612271320,9524
KM00264KM00263BSP 3/41318301526,4433
KM00235KM00234BSP 118251533,2542
KM00247KM00246BSP 1.1/42232451841,9153
KM00241KM00240BSP 1.1/23238471847,8065
KM00275KM00274BSP 23744471959,6065
KM01012KM01011BSP 2.1/24555492474,7592
KM02105KM02104BSP 35566502487,88110


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