5 Tips to save energy in industries

Electricity is the main source of expenditure within productive processes. According to the National Confederation of Industries (Confederação Nacional das Indústrias – CNI), electricity reaches about 15% to 40% of the total cost of production. In addition, the National Energy Balance (Balanço Energético Nacional – BEN) indicated that industries consume 34.4% of the energy of the entire country. However, there is a silver lining: with simple attitudes you can save energy in your business, especially if you invest in quality materials such as industrial cable glands.

1º – Use efficient light bulbs

Yes, it’s a simple change, but you’d be surprised how much you can save when you use more effective models. With a little research, you identify which lamp is best for your business, whether to invest in an LED or one with sodium vapor, for example.

2º – Explore natural lighting

In addition to replacing the light bulbs, another great way to reduce energy expenses is to explore natural lighting. That is, expand the windows to increase the entrance of the sunlight; use translucent tiles, which can be made of recycled plastic bottles, acrylic, glass or polycarbonate. Another important tip is to paint the walls in light colors, as they reflect natural light and brighten the room even more.

3º – Reuse energy

Energy can be reused, but we often don’t realize that. For example, the forced ventilation outlet of the motors can be used to help heat a nearby area that needs a higher temperature than the environment temperature.

4º – Analyze the demand and consumption of electricity

An important point that industries usually forget: assess the relationship between demand vs. energy consumption. In other words: when the industry consumes less electricity than what was requested, the price doesn’t go down. However, if you consume more, you will receive a penalty for exceeding the limit. Therefore, analyze the demand well and how much of it is used, to increase or reduce the established.

5. Make an energy assessment periodically

To complete the previous tips, it is recommended to conduct energy assessments periodically. This action is important because it allows analyzing information about the company’s electricity consumption, in order to determine the amount spent, considering improvement options and even classifying the consumer level.

Extra tip: invest in industrial cable glands to ensure the sealing of your electrical installation

For an efficient and safe electrical project, it is important to invest in quality materials, such as Kraus-Muller cable glands. We have been working in the electrical materials market for 20 years, developing solutions for the main challenges of electrical installations.

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