5 tips for avoiding electrical accidents

Unfortunately, electrical accidents are a reality in Brazil. According to the 2018 Statistics Year Report of Abracopel, between 2013 and 2017, 6215 people were involved in accidents like this while in January 2016 and March 2017, 782 deaths were related to electricity – 30% of them happened inside the houses. These numbers cause concern, after all, there are many items that can be used to ensure a safer electrical installation.

Understand how to avoid electric accidents

Before any tip, it is very important to understand how an electrical project needs to be well done and well-executed. For instance, an item that you cannot miss in your installation is a cable gland of nylon or metallic cable gland, therefore, selecting these items will agree with your project. They avoid water or dust contact, and even the loss of energy.

After putting the ideal electric project in place, you must follow the next 5 tips in order to avoid severe accidents.

1st Turn-off the electricity socket while executing small repairs

Whether you consider it or not, the daily and simple activities such as changing lamps or making small repairs on the electrical installation also require care. Therefore, before executing any sort of repairs involving electricity, turn-off the electricity socket or the local switch.

2nd Verify the installation voltage and avoid electrical accidents

This is an important tip because it prevents electrical accidents that might cause damage to your electronic devices. In Brazil, for example, we have regions where the voltage is 110V, but in other cities, it is 220V. Therefore: the devices that are not compatible might get completely ruined. Besides this, this is a tip for trips abroad.  Thus, you should always take an adapter with you.

3rd Do not leave cables or strings unprotected

Peeled or broken wires can also result in electrical accidents, because the contact with these objects increases the risk of electrical shocks. As said before, a good solution for this type of situation is investing on cable glands for the electrical installations because they protect the cables and wires and avoid damages caused by external factors.

4th Do not overcharge the sockets

The overcharge of sockets is the main cause of fires that begin with short-circuits. Therefore, it is fundamental to know that not every electrical installation is setup to support several appliances and electronic devices at the same time. In case you need to plug several objects at the same socket, prefer those in ruler shape, and not those in “T” shape.

5º Turn-off the shower before changing its temperature  

This is one of the most common mistakes. In case you have an electric shower, do never adjust the water temperature while the shower is on – this is only possible when you are sure it is a smart shower model. Besides of having the chance of getting a shock, the resistance can be damaged, or the shower can burn.

Kraus-Muller offers the best products to avoid electrical accidents

For an efficient electrical project, it is important to invest in quality materials, such as the Kraus-Muller cable glands. We have been working on the electrical material market for the past 20 years, developing solutions for the main challenges facing electrical installation.

All the products in our portfolio and their raw materials undergo severe tests in laboratories in order to guarantee the quality of each item we sell.

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